Proctor Tip: How to delete symbols in-a-row within the Equation Editor when testing on iPad

 We want to alert Proctors of the below instruction that may help if they have students testing on iPad  and the students experience difficulties trying to delete symbols that have been typed in-a-row by the student. 

When students are working on iPad, there is space around symbols entered in the Equation Editor, which is not visible on-screen, and will not allow deletions unless the student's mouse cursor or finger is specifically placed AFTER the symbol to delete. If a student places the mouse cursor or taps before the symbol, the cursor may fall within a space that does not allow for deletion of the Equation Editor symbol. 

Solution with Video: 

If a student wants to delete a symbol or a character the student has added, the student should place the mouse cursor or tap AFTER the symbol or character and as close to that symbol/character as possible before attempting to delete the symbol. 

NYSED created a video demonstrating the known issue and the correct placement for deleting an Equation Editor symbol when attempting to delete a symbol or symbols in-a-row. 


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