Sign Up for CBT Field Testing Status Alerts!

The NYSED CBT Team will be posting daily Nextera system status reports on CBT Support in a new section that you can subscribe to follow for daily alerting! 

The new section, CBT Today, will provide the CBT systems' health-at-a-glance so that all our CBT field testing schools can be assured that they'll have a good CBT experience on the day of their scheduled field tests. The status is posted in the content section heading each morning, and there will also be a daily article to provide any necessary additional details for each day of the CBT field testing administration window (May 21-June 8, 2018). 

Subscribe for New Content Alerting

You can subscribe to "Follow" a CBT Support section to receive new content alerts, which will provide you with a daily CBT field testing status in your email inbox each morning. 

You must create an account on CBT Support in order to subscribe to Follow a content section and receive new content alerts: 

  1. Once logged into a CBT Support user account, navigate to the Section you wish to follow (i.e. CBT Today)
  2. Click on the blue "Follow" button at the top of the content section.
  3. Choose the "New Articles" option.
  4. See that the "Follow" button changes to "Following," indicating that you are now subscribed to new content alerting.

Please note that you must be logged into CBTsupport (you can find instructions for how to create a user account on CBT Support) in order to set yourself up to receive automated announcements of new content postings.