Why did I receive paper field test booklets for CBT field testing in my school?

If your school has a grade level that is participating in CBT field testing, your school may still have received some paper field test booklets for your students with accommodations in your secure test materials delivery. 

For CBT field testing, we match the original operational test order submitted in the fall through the NYSED online examination request system for Test Read, Braille, and Large Print tests. For Test Read orders, we double the number of paper test booklets shipped to your school to account for one test booklet for the student and one test booklet for a human reader. 

Your students with accommodations may be testing on computer for CBT field testing, such as with the Text-to-Speech or Initial Page Zoom accommodation, but we still ship paper test booklets to match the original accommodation test orders in the ordering system to the school.   

Your school will also have received a copy of Teacher's Directions for paper-based field testing to accompany the paper field testing booklets.

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