6/8/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Update Call, 6/8/18

  1. Today is the last day of the computer-based testing (CBT) 2018 administration!
    • CBT field testing will be completed (and students will no longer be able to log in to take a CBT field test) after 5:00 pm EST this afternoon.
  2. We will be “shutting down” the ability to edit student and class data on Nextera Admin next week.
    • We still hear reports of users trying to update Not Tested codes in Nextera Admin.
      • Updating Nextera Admin at this point is not “doing anything.” The data is not being transmitted to L2.
      • We believe all updates to student data will be handled via the summer cleanup going forward.
  3. We have identified a new issue with students who were transferred within Nextera Admin and the T/NT report.
  4. There was no required change to the student’s LocalID, so the data will not match up in L2 (Local ID to NYSSIS ID).
    • We believe this issue is also affecting data display (so a student will show as Not Tested).
    • Would like for a RIC colleague to investigate this and help us confirm if this is true.
    • Please advise if a RIC colleague can then make this change on their end to correct the data in the T/NT reports.
  5. We are heading now to observe our final administration of CBT field testing.
    • We’ve learned a lot from our students regarding what they like and do not like in the computer-based tests. 
    • The drawing tool was a great addition for our younger students—we were very pleased to see this in use.
  6. We are sending a survey this afternoon to our CBT Math field testing schools so that they can provide feedback about the Drawing Tool.
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