6/15/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Update Call, 6/15/18

  1. We are at the end of the 2017-18 school year, and CBT is finished for the year. Is it time for the summer hiatus?
    • Summer Hiatus represents a break from the Friday weekly calls during the summer.
    • The RIC CBT Working Group continues to meet weekly during the summer.
    • The first week of September, we will issue the registration form for RIC and BOCES colleagues who are directly involved with supporting CBT to register to receive the CBT Weekly Update Call conference information.
  2. We have a summer theme for the CBT Working Group: Transfer Students (students that transfer among districts within Nextera Admin).
    • We need to collect all known issues regarding student data, test records, and reports for any students that were transferred across schools or across districts within Nextera Admin with a focus on how the student data flow is affected for student test records:
      • Exit/Entry dates for CBT Transfer Students are important at L2
      • Local ID is important at L2
  3. The big news this summer is that Nextera Admin will be redesigned with exciting changes to to following potential areas:
    • RIC level educational hierarchy to group districts/schools under.
    • Improved design to respond better on iPad screens
      • This is great—we observed test administrators using iPads to monitor CBT field tests!
    • Filters organization for student data rather than static pages/sections.
      1. Should provide the fluid nature for students in multiple test administrations to help schools with better test administration.
    • Most importantly: the tiny (confusing) “Change” link at the top of the page will go away!
    • Much, much more … this will be a big redesign event with full documentation and training coming out at the end of the summer.
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