Statewide CBT Simulation: February & March 2019

Last year, several pioneering CBT districts in New York developed district-wide CBT simulations where they conducted a “dry-run” of the operational CBT experience. They organized the CBT simulation among all of their schools on an agreed-upon day using the Secure Browser practice tests. The district chose one practice test in each grade level to have students log in with the Secure Browser practice test usernames and passwords. We heard that schools benefited from this “dry run” by learning more about their own internal processes, technical setup, and student testing devices. The experience helped them find ways to streamline their CBT administration.

This year, we are turning this shared experience into a CBT best practice and helping to organize a Statewide CBT Simulation where the CBT Team at NYSED will be on-hand if your school needs assistance on either of the days in February and March.    

Principals of operational CBT schools will be able to select a day to participate in the Statewide CBT Simulation as part of CBT Technology Readiness this year. CBT Technology Readiness will launch after the NYSED online examination request system is open for ordering CBT for the spring 2019 test administration. 

In order to test internal systems, external systems, as well as internal hardware and CBT school procedures, the school principal is encouraged to pick one of the two offered Statewide CBT Simulation Days to schedule a CBT dry-run or “simulation” with at least one grade level in your school. This is an opportunity to test the performance of the Questar Secure Browser within your school network and to identify any improvements your school can make to streamline operational testing procedures this spring. Within your school, decide the following for planning purposes:

  • Select at least one subject and grade level
  • Select one Practice Test Sampler for all students to access during the CBT Simulation
  • Prepare for students to use the Questar Secure Browser for accessing and logging into the CBT Practice Tests

As part of this year's CBT Technology Readiness, we are collecting date scheduling information for our own planning purposes. Your school can test on either day or both days for the Statewide CBT Simulation. Please indicate a date below that you would like to participate in the Statewide CBT Simulation:

  • Tuesday, February 26, 2019 (start time should be scheduled between 8:30 to 9:30 AM)
  • Tuesday, March 5, 2019 (start time should be scheduled between 8:30 to 9:30 AM)

We will be developing additional guidelines and information to help districts and schools plan for participating in the Statewide CBT Simulation. Stay tuned for more information to be posted in September in CBT Support.

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