2020-21 NYSAA Important Dates to Remember

The 2020-21 NYSAA Test Window is:
March 8, 2021 – June 11, 2021


07/29/2020 Returning users required to reset password in Educator Portal
08/31/2020 Kite Student Portal
No anticipated update to Kite Student Portal for 2020-21.
09/14/2020 ELA, Math, & Science Instructionally Embedded Assessment opens
·   09/14/2020-02/24/2021
·   12/21/2020-01/01/2021 window closes for maintenance
09/18/2020 Moodle Training opens.
10/01/2020 Printed manuals sent to schools
10/12-11/20/2020 NYSAA-DLM Virtual Training
•       Virtual Training Window 10/12/2020- 11/20/2020
•       Prior registration required Live Q&A sessions:
•       10/28/2020
•       11/18/2020
More information to follow. Virtual Training must be viewed prior to participation in a live Q&A session.
10/23/2020 Recommended deadline to complete review of user information in Educator Portal. Make corrections, add new users and delete users no longer needing accounts.
11/13/2020 NYSAA-eligible students need to be identified in the state data warehouse with the program service code 0220 to be included in the NYSED enrollment pull. Districts/Schools utilizing the Instructionally Embedded Window must comply with this deadline.
11/16/2020 NYSED pull of students identified as NYSAA- eligible for loading of enrollment file to Educator Portal.
11/16/2020 NYSED loads enrollment file to Educator Portal.*
11/23/2020 Rostering of students begins for entities relying on NYSED load of enrollment data.
12/01/2020 Recommended deadline to complete First Contact Survey and Personal Needs Profile for participation in spring assessment to utilize the Instructionally Embedded Window.
01/26/2021 Parent Brochures sent to schools
02/15/2021 Final date for Braille marked in First Contact Survey.
02/15/2021 Deadline to complete PNP and FCS for participation in spring assessment.
02/24/2021 ELA, Math and Science Instructionally Embedded Window closes.
03/04/2021 Shipment of Braille forms or embossing paper to school.
03/08/2021 Spring assessment window opens.
06/11/2021 Spring assessment window closes.

*Districts/schools can enroll and subsequently roster students prior to the NYSED load
of enrollment data; they do not have to wait for NYSED to load the enrollment file

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