Special Circumstance Codes in NYSAA (DLM)

Special Circumstance Codes for administration of NYSAA in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics and Science through Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) can be found via the link below and also attached to this article:

Directions: Students must first be added to Educator Portal, then rostered to a teacher, and then the First Contact Survey must be completed. This results in a testlet being generated. Once the testlet is generated, do NOT open it. The teacher must notify the District Test Coordinator (DTC) that a special circumstance code needs to be applied. The DTC must enter the special circumstance code one time per content area before the test window closes. Special circumstance codes can then be entered by the DTC under the Test Management Tab on the table where the TIP is retrieved. Documentation of the special circumstance must be kept on file by the LEA as per their policy.


Tested Category
NYSAA Not-Tested Description DLM Special Circumstance Code in Kite:
Absent The student was in attendance for fewer than 30 school days as a NYSAA-eligible student between March 8-June 11, 2021 (ELA, Mathematics, and Science) and it was determined that there was not enough time to assess the student. Chronic Absences (13813)
Not Enrolled at Time of Test Administration The student left the district before an assessment could be collected, or the student arrived in the district too late for the district to enter the student into SIRS as NYSAA eligible, and an assessment could not be completed. Other (9999)
Medically Excused The student was too incapacitated to be tested because of an illness or injury resulting from a significant medical emergency, as documented by a medical practitioner. The medically excused option is reviewed by a school district administrator on an individual student basis.
Students taking the NYSAA are not considered medically excused from testing because of their disability.
Medical Waiver (3454)
Took Another Assessment to Fulfill Testing Requirement The student took another approved assessment to fulfill the testing requirement in a
particular content area.
Other Reason for
  The student was not administered the NYSAA, based on a parent refusal of the NYSAA assessment. This does NOT include students who were unable to engage in the assessment at the time of the testing, for whom a valid score of zero is appropriate. Parent Refusal (13820)
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