9/14/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 9/14/18

  1. The Nextera Admin data refresh is complete!
    • All CBT principals and district test coordinators have had their Nextera Admin accounts re-activated by Questar. (They received the “Welcome to Nextera” email to reset their password.)
    • Next step: Questar will send an email to all of the operational CBT principals and DTCs to remind them of manual accounts they need to create (those accounts that are not automatically created through the SEDREF data import).
  2. Big News: Questar is updating the Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality for the 2019 CBT administration so that “the robots” work/speak when an internet connection is lost on the student’s testing device.
    • This is the same way that TTS worked for the 2017 CBT administration.
    • This means that students will be able to select a voicepack again; the 2018 TTS solution forced one voicepack (Polly or Matthew, the popular voice used by Amazon), but it did not work when a student’s testing device lost internet connectivity.
    • More details will be forthcoming about that, but we want to advise you now. We are dedicated to providing the same testing experience on computers to all students—and one of great features about the Questar Secure Browser is that students can continue testing if internet connectivity is lost. TTS functionality should work similarly.
  3. As part of our ongoing efforts to be good communicators, we are taking the great suggestion from one our RICs (thank you Sam Stokas at MidHudson RIC!) to create an FAQ page on CBT Support to help schools contact their RIC testing departments. We often put this kind of information at the end of CBT Listserv messages: “as always, be sure to contact your local RIC testing department … “
    • Now we will be able to link to a page with contact information (connecting more dots!).
    • We expect to publish the article “How do I contact my RIC Testing Department?” on CBT Support this afternoon or early next week.
    • Thanks to all the RIC colleagues for helping with this email contact collection.
  4. CBT Fall Tour: we have more than 415 registrants for the CBT roadshows that begin on Thursday, September 27 in Long Island!
  5. The agenda has been posted on CBT Support in the FAQ section: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360015670332-What-is-the-agenda-for-the-2018-Regional-Fall-CBT-Information-Sessions-.
    • Please continue to encourage attendance! And also encourage your districts and schools to ask us questions at these roadshows—on of our goals is to be transparent; we want our districts and schools to feel supported.
  6. The CBT Technology Readiness Checklist for the 2018-19 school year has been released on CBT Support in the CBT Resources section
  7. More Statewide CBT Simulation guidance will be posted by next week—we are working on a checklist that we’ll also talk through as part of the Fall CBT Roadshow sessions.
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