9/28/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 9/28/18


  1. The annual ordering memo has been posted! This is the annual memo that announces the opening of the NYSED online examination request system.
    • The ordering system is slated to close on December 14, 2018.
    • A link to the memo is also posted in the Communications section on CBT Support.
    • We already have, in less than one day, more than 30 schools that have ordered CBT!
    • Please continue to encourage schools to take that first step to transition to CBT this spring.
  2. The Fall CBT Roadshow slides are posted on CBT Support.
    • We’ve had really great experiences in Long Island at Eastern Suffolk and Nassau.
      • Attendees are truly interested in finding out more about how they can take the first step to transition into CBT.
      • Hot Topics have been learning more about online testing tool features that students like, such as the highlighter and Review screen.
        • During the demo yesterday at Nassau, there was an audible “oooh!” when we showed the Review screen during the Question Sampler
        • Attendees were also very happy to see the “empty” Samper instructional tools for ELA Sampler and Math Sampler.
        • Managing Not Tested Codes (these can be set as soon as the students are loaded to Nextera Admin in the spring) from the Testing Status Details page.
          • We will work on documentation to make sure schools know this! (They do not need to wait for the Tests tab to open.)
  3. Another theme attendees are excited about is the Statewide CBT Simulation.
    • Any school in NYS can join! They do not have to be an operational CBT school! We will post an FAQ about this soon on CBT Support, but we would like to encourage schools that are not administering operational CBT this spring to wait.
  4. The Comparability Study that shows the adjustment made for mode effect differences for students testing on computer and paper is posted on the Office of State Assessment website.
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