What are the new features for the 2019 CBT Administration?

While the focus for the 2019 CBT administration is on performance, there are a few new enhancements to share for the spring 2019 administration. The most important enhancement for this spring is the inclusion of the Equation Editor Drawing Tool on the operational CBT exams. The following is the complete list of new enhancements available for the 2018-19 school year.



Available in the Question Sampler or the Questar Secure Browser


Equation Editor Drawing Tool

  • Available as an option for CBT math questions that students use the Equation Editor to respond 
  • Allows students to arrive at and respond creatively to math questions
  • Students can continue to use their keyboard as well as the Equation Editor buttons to respond in addition to using the drawing tool

 Question Sampler





ELA Response Box Sampler

  • This is an "empty" ELA constructed response box that includes the same online test tools and navigation as is available in the computer-based tests
  • Allows students to use the CBT constructed response box as part of daily instruction as they will use to provide responses during the operational CBT ELA exams
  • A similar "empty" Equation Editor CR box sampler was released for CBT math last year

Question Sampler

ELA and Math

TTS Offline: Text-to-Speech will work offline this year so that when a student loses network connectivity, she/he will continue to hear the test read via the computer. 

  • New process and steps for setting up and enabling voicepacks on supported devices for Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) will work offline and when network connections are poor (students will not be disrupted during testing) 

Questar Secure Browser

ELA and Math

Touchscreen support universally across all allowable CBT student testing devices:

  • iPad
  • Windows Machines
  • Chromebooks 

Question Sampler

Questar Secure Browser

ELA And Math

Operational CBT Listservs

  • To improve communication, NYSED will use operational listservs to communicate with principals, testing coordinators, and more during each operational CBT window
  • As part of CBT Technology Readiness, principals and testing coordinators who can verify Technology Readiness can add up to five additional contacts in the school for those colleagues to be included in the operational CBT listserv
  • The operational CBT listservs will launch in January 2019

Technology Readiness is verified on Nextera Admin

ELA and Math

Student Response Recovery process will be improved:

  • Improved recovery time
  • Automated identification of student test sessions that have been submitted to Questar for recovery
  • Automated email notification to schools, informing principals of the status of a test session in recovery
  • Will be available during the operational CBT exams, if needed

Questar Secure Browser

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