10/5/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 10/5/18

Heather and Clara are in Wayne Finger Lakes this morning at CBT Roadshow #8!

  1.  More than 150 schools have already ordered CBT for the 2019 spring administration!
    • CBT order reports went out yesterday to the RIC colleagues.
  2. CBT Technology Readiness launched on Nextera Admin on Monday (10/1) and schools are already verifying the checklist.
    • If you have a school that has ordered CBT but has not yet received their VIP invitation to verify CBT technology readiness, then please check in with the CBT Support team to request that another email be sent from Christie Tooker at Questar.
    • As a reminder, always ask folks to check their spam filters as a first troubleshooting step.
    • The updated CBT Technology Readiness Quick Reference Guide is posted in an article on CBT Support: CBT Technology Readiness QRG.
    • Principals and DTCs receive email communication after they order CBT.
  3. A new article wtih RIC Testing Group contact information is available to assist schools with contacting their RIC about CBT.
    • We will start including a link to this article in communication to the field as well as in the CBT Listserv messages.
  4. The Questar Secure Browser Current Versions article has been updated with a release for Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows machines last week.
    • There will STILL be a January final-confirmation/go-time messaging event at the end of January.
    • Schools may want to wait until January to uninstall and re-install the Secure Browsers for the spring 2019 test administration.
  5. The best suggestion that we’ve heard during the roadshows was in Rochester yesterday: can we update the “empty” CR box instructional tools on the Question Sampler to have around 10 different empty CR boxes in a row.
    • We are going to look into this with Questar.
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