10/12/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 10/12/18

  1. Some of the CBT Team is in Binghamton at SCRIC this morning for the second-to-last Fall CBT Roadshow.
    • The final roadshow is on Monday, October 15 at NERIC in Albany.
    • Please remind any folks who could not attend in person that the SAME content is repeated on Monday, October 22nd during the Statewide CBT Webinar.
    • The webinar will be recorded and posted on CBT Support within 24 hours of the exciting webinar event on October 22.
  2. The official testing calendar has been updated! Due to popular demand, we have adjusted the CBT ELA testing window to make sure that our districts and schools have THREE DAYS for CBT makeup testing.
  3. Additionally, the field testing dates have been posted! This is always a three week window each year.
  4. We received a lot of questions about the Statewide CBT Simulation during this week’s roadshows. We’ll try to post some FAQs to help with making it more clear next week when the full team is back in the office
    • YES, if your school is not participating in operational CBT (which makes all of us very sad), your school CAN still participate in the Statewide CBT Simulation:
      • All are welcome (come together, right now … )
      • There is no connection to Nextera Admin -- there is no student rostering or administrative management.
      • Schools will use the Secure Browser practice tests where students will, essentially, have the same username and password for the practice tests
      • Schools will pick one practice test to promote to a grade level (everyone uses the same practice test!)
  5. The New Nextera Setup & Installation Guide for the 2018-19 School Year has been posted in CBT Support in the CBT Resources section: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/208474306-New-Nextera-Setup-Installation-Guide-2018-19-School-Year-
  6. The article that provides the PDF of the setup guide offers some bulleted notes about changes to the Secure Browsers this year:
  7. The most important changes for all our schools to note are the following:
    • At this time, Google Chromebooks do not support use of an alternate language keyboard in conjunction with the Questar Secure Browser (relevant for CBT math).
    • Devices with Touchscreens, such as Chromebooks and Windows machines, are supported this year by Questar (in addition to iPads, which have always been supported for CBT).
    • Chromebooks that are 2017 and newer will not work in single app kiosk mode in conjunction with the Secure Browser due to a change Google made for security.
    • If your Chromebook is from 2017 or newer, the Secure Browser cannot be deployed in single app kiosk mode unless managed through the administrator’s console.
    • There are new steps for setting up and selecting voicepacks on supported devices for Text-to-Speech (TTS).
    • TTS will work if internet connectivity is lost or the network connection is poor this spring.
  8. Please make sure your schools know about changes TTS and Touchscreen support: we’ve been asked about these two features at every roadshow this fall!


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