Video: Fall CBT Information Statewide Webinar, October 22, 2018

Please find below the video of the Fall CBT Information Statewide Webinar held at NYSED on October 22, 2018. The statewide webinar was open to all district-and school-level administrators to provide information on how they can continue or start to transition from paper to computer-based testing in this next school year. This presentation was a repeat of content shared on-site at the 12 different Fall CBT Roadshows held between September 27 and October 15th throughout NYS.

Please note that we experienced technical difficulties during the webinar recording. Known disruptions are identified beneath the video viewer.

Technical Disruptions may be noticed within the following time frames while viewing the recording of the Statewide Webinar held on October 22, 2018:

  • During Questar's portion of the presentation, approximately 30:35 – 30:42
  • During discussion of the upcoming Statewide CBT Simulation, approximately 1:24:54 – 1:33:53
    • (NYSED will replace this missing content with additional written details within this article.)
  • During discussion of the AETI Code, approximately 44:28 – 44:31
  • Minor Internet disruptions occurred between approximately 1:17:18 and 1:17:52 
  • During discussion of the Drawing Tool, approximately 1:18:20 – 1:18:23 

The FAQs comprised of questions sent to NYSED by attendees during the webinar and answered by NYSED during the webinar will be posted in a separate article on CBT Support. We'll update this article with the location when those FAQs are posted.

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