11/9/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates, 11/9/18

  1. More than 530 schools have ordered CBT!
    • Let’s remind our schools that they can re-access the NYSED online examination request system to change their test order at any time before December 14, 2018!
    • Let’s remind our schools that they can order just ONE subject and ONE grade level to start the transition to CBT.
    • If any districts or schools want to ask questions directly to NYSED about how to transition to CBT, please do offer to arrange a meeting with the NYSED CBT team!
  2. The BOCES CBT Information Meeting that encountered several technology issues yesterday will be repeated on Thursday, November 15 at 2:00.
    • We have distributed a new WebEx link from a different account that will allow for all who want to join to join.
    • We’ll repeat the same content—we had a great discussion yesterday and want to continue this with all involved BOCES colleagues.
  3. The hot topic this week is BOCES Virtual Schools: we are revisiting our rule about how to handle BOCES program schools regarding administration of CBT.
    • We are considering if there needs to be different CBT rules for BOCES programs based on whether or not the “program” or “school” is a BOCES owned building or a rented classroom or location within a district.
    • The biggest issue involves CBT Technology Readiness: we are discussing issues surrounding whether or not a BOCES can truly verify a technology infrastructure for hosting the computer-based tests if the BOCES does not “own” that infrastructure.
    • Additionally, consider the best practices where we advise a school against using streaming services and other strains on the internet during CBT—would a BOCES be able to control this at a location they do not own?
  4. Contact Lists from CBT Technology Readiness: we will figure out a way to share these with the RICs for their districts/schools in January.
    • We’ll also share our device collection information.
    • This will be a manually created list since we do not have RIC relationships indicated in Nextera Admin, so we’ll wait to do this once after CBT Technology Readiness closes.
    • Question: do you envision gathering additional contacts for us to add to the operational CBT listservs?
  5. Reminder: we started to promote the CBT Simulation that Yonkers and several other districts conducted last year as a CBT best practice.
    • Any and all districts, especially those new to CBT—should consider running a practice simulation. This “dry run” can be conducted at any time using the Secure Browser practice tests that offer the general logins for students.
    • The benefit for joining in the Statewide CBT Simulation in February and March is that this will provide an opportunity for simulating a load test or performance test on the Questar servers. We will also be working directly with Questar to monitor the servers and watch for online events and help with any troubleshooting for inquiries that come to Questar Customer Support.
  6. CBT Support Content: We’ll be sharing the “Video Presentation: Spring 2019 CBT Online Testing Tools and Testing Accommodations” in today’s CBT This Week listserv message.
    • I am also working to update the systems opening timeline and the data timeline and requirements document.
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