2018-19 NYSAA Final Enrollment File Loaded to Educator Portal

As a service to public school districts, charter and nonpublic schools, NYSED has loaded its final enrollment file for 2018-19 to Educator Portal.  The students in this file were identified as being NYSAA eligible in the state data warehouse as of 11/30/2018.

Districts expecting to see students in Educator Portal as part of this final enrollment load can now go into Educator Portal to see their students, confirm data is accurate and begin creating rosters, as appropriate.

Data for students already enrolled in Kite Educator Portal was simply updated when the final file was loaded.  No records were removed.

As a reminder, student enrollment can be added by District Test Coordinators, District Users, and Building Test Coordinators at any time prior to the opening of the NYSAA testing window on March 11,2019.

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