12/14/18: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates, 12/14/18

  1. More than 1,100 schools have ordered CBT! These orders represent more than 400,000 students—and we expect more orders today!
    • As a reminder, 145,000 students tested on computer last spring.
    • We are planning to more than double that number for the spring 2019 CBT administration.
  2. We have a new date for the Statewide CBT Simulation: January 30, 2019 at 10:30 am.
    • I am posting an article soon in the FAQs entitled “How can we prepare for the Statewide CBT Simulations being held in February and March 2019?”
      • This will explain that we’ll provide guidance and training in the webinar and also provide the opportunity for any districts/schools to ask questions directly to NYSED and Questar staff.
    • As a reminder, any and all schools in NYS are invited and encouraged to participate in the CBT Statewide Simulation:
      • The Simulation uses the Secure Browser Practice Tests
      • There is no rostering of students
      • There is no “official” place to sign-up
        • Operational CBT Schools do have the ability to express intent for a day or both days on the CBT Technology Readiness Checklist on Nextera Admin.
      • We will work on a workflow to help schools that are not involved with operational CBT to download and install the Questar Secure Browser.
  3. As you have noticed via the Technology Readiness reports, all districts and schools in NYS are loaded to Nextera Admin, meaning that it is a simple process to activate accounts for principals or DTCs—they are already there!
  4. The bimonthly training calendar will be updated with the January 23rd date, and since this is a date change for which schools may already have been planning—we’ll note the update at the top of the article page in green font, as we do to highlight article updates.
  5. CBT Technology Readiness: the outreach to schools that have not yet completed technology readiness is the responsibility of the NYSED teams. This is not something that we expect the RICs to be able to handle for their schools:
    • NYSED sent an email communication this week to schools, and as we get closer to the technology readiness deadline on December 28, 2018, NYSED colleagues will call principals. We will start direct communication!
  6. Two articles will be posted to CBT Support in the Secure Browser Updates section by tomorrow afternoon and will be mentioned in the CBT Listserv communication:
  7. REMINDER: all operational CBT schools should not conduct a mass “uninstall and re-install” process for the Secure Browser on all of their student testing devices until the end of January.
    • NYSED will provide the “go ahead” or “go time” communication and post in the Secure Browser updates section (and then promote through all our communication channels!).
  8. Questar will provide clarification about support for iOS 12x next week. (We will have this before the deadline for CBT Technology Readiness.)
    • We have a few iPad districts that have already (automatically) upgraded to iOS 12.
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