How can we confirm the version of the Secure Browser currently installed on our students' testing devices?

6/4/2019: Updated to reflect platform changes for the 2018-19 testing sessions.

The Questar Secure Browser version number is visible on the Secure Browser login page when the browser is first launched.

In January each year, Questar and NYSED confirm the Questar Secure Browser versions that will be used for the spring CBT administration. In most cases, districts and schools will need to develop a plan and process for updating all Questar Secure Browsers on all student testing devices that will be used for the spring CBT administration. 

Technology coordinators who are ready to update Secure Browsers for the 2019 CBT administration can review their Secure Browser version numbers for currently installed browsers to make determinations about whether or not an uninstall and re-install process is necessary to prepare for the spring CBT administration. 

Secure Browser Version Number on Login Page: 

(Close-up View) As you can see, the below Secure Browser on a Windows machine is out of date for the 2019 spring CBT administration (should be version 4.0.7): 

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