1/25/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 1/25/19

  1. ScorePoint training registration and the agenda are posted on CBT Support:
  2. We have posted a “Quick Link” article for the Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities manual on CBT Support.
    • This manual was published in February 2018 by the Office of Special Education and is a “must read” for any CBT school. The Appendices are especially important to review, including the Q&A in Appendix A and Appendix G concerning scribes.
    • There are specifics related to testing accommodations and CBT within the manual.
  3. The Statewide CBT Simulation webinar is this upcoming Wednesday!
    • We will focus on how simple the simulation can/should be: there is no rostering of students, no connection to Nextera Admin, and no policing of students testing on the practice tests.
    • This will be a valuable experience for all, but it should be simple and low-stress.
    • Schools will not have access to the students’ responses: we are “making do” with already-available features and functionality provided by Questar.
  4. Enrollment Reports: we are looking into whether or not we can run another enrollment review before the DEADLINE of FEBRUARY 8 for CBT ELA student data to be uploaded to L2.
    • This ensures that students will be populated to Nextera Admin for schools to manage CBT.
  5. A question about proctoring came to us about how specific a proctor can be when looking at the Review screen with a student and to point out missed test questions:
    • “Billy, it looks like you missed #3 and #4.”
    • “Billy, it looks like you may have missed some
    • A is correct! The proctor may specifically note question numbers they see as unanswered when viewing the Review screen with students who are ready to submit the computer-based test.
  6. The other week, we launched a helpful discoverability feature on CBT Support by tagging the best articles with resources schools need to know about now for preparing for operational CBT: Greatest Hits.
    • We can see in our analytics that this is being used! Please use the search term on CBT Support and see for yourself; you can also use this to promote easy access to the “greatest” (and most helpful) CBT resources.
    • This has worked out so well, that we’d like to do something similar with the top FAQs that schools need quick access to—we need suggestions! (B-Sides?)
  7. Please remind your schools to update their Secure Browsers and confirm they have the latest versions!
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