Additional Details for Recovery through Nextera

Attached to this article you will find the Questar Quick Reference Guide (QRG) that provides complete details on how to initiate the recovery workflow on a testing device for which student responses are not appearing in the Nextera Test Delivery System (TDS) for a student in your school.

All student responses are cached locally to a student's testing device. 

The Recovery workflow is a process that a school administrator can use to send a student's locally cached responses from a testing device to the Questar database to be restored on the student's testing device. Once the student's locally cached responses are restored overnight by Questar, a student will be able to complete, review, and submit the test. 

Please make sure that the student's testing device shows that the student is online before trying to submit the test session again. 

After Recovery
For any students that the test session recovery process was initiated, school staff should first review in Nextera Admin to verify that the student’s test session appears “In Progress.” You will also see a number greater than zero in the “Total Items Completed” column next to the students’ name(s).

Once this has been verified, schools should arrange for the student(s) to log into the test session(s) in the Nextera Test Delivery System to confirm that responses previously entered in the computer are visible. The student(s) may then proceed to complete, review, and submit the test.

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