CBT Simulation Today: Tuesday, February 26

Status: Good

The status of the Nextera systems is Good.

Simulation Today

Today is the first day of the two CBT Simulations that we are organizing throughout the state this winter. The CBT Simulations represent a low-stakes testing experience where schools can conduct an operational CBT "dry run" to help streamline CBT operations within their schools. 

The practice tests should not take longer than 40 minutes or a regular class period. Schools can determine how much time to devote to this exercise for students to become familiar with the CBT platform. If students do not complete their practice test in the allotted time, they can simply submit the test to complete the simulation. The goal of the simulation is for students to gain experience with launching the Questar Secure Browser, logging into a computer-based test, and submitting a computer-based test. 

If you encounter any difficulties, you can call Questar Customer Service, as you would during an operational CBT day: 

Questar Customer Service:
Phone: 866-997-0695

Remember: students will need usernames and the password "practice" to log into the Secure Browser practice tests. Below you will find the general usernames and passwords for each subject/grade level Secure Browser practice test:

  • CBT ELA, Grade 3: elag03 / practice
  • CBT ELA, Grade 4: elag04 / practice
  • CBT ELA, Grade 5: elag05 / practice 
  • CBT ELA, Grade 6: elag06 / practice
  • CBT ELA, Grade 7: elag07 / practice
  • CBT ELA, Grade 8: elag08 / practice
  • CBT Math, Grade 3: mathg03 / practice
  • CBT Math, Grade 4: mathg04 / practice
  • CBT Math, Grade 5: mathg05 / practice
  • CBT Math, Grade 6: mathg06 / practice
  • CBT Math, Grade 7: mathg07 / practice
  • CBT Math, Grade 8: mathg08 / practice

For testing accommodations, please see the student login ticket templates we created to assist schools. 

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