CBT Step One: Download and Install the Questar Secure Browser

Step One: Download & Install the Questar Secure Browser

In order for students to test on computer for the Grades 3-8 ELA and math operational tests as well as for the CBT Simulations, which uses the Secure Browser practice tests, the Questar Secure Browser must be downloaded and installed on all student testing devices. Once the Secure Browser is downloaded, students will have an application icon on their computer desktop to click on to launch the Questar Secure Browser.  

The Questar Secure Browser is available from Nextera Admin on the Help>Downloads page. If you need to have your password to Nextera Admin reset, please contact Questar Customer Support or email CBT Support. To check to see if your student testing devices have the Secure Browser installed, you can use the computer “Start” menu to search on the word “Secure;” the Questar Secure Browser should “pop up” in results if it is installed on that computer.

When schools ordered operational CBT in the fall, Questar activated the Principal and the District Test Coordinator accounts on Nextera Admin and sent those users information on how to verify CBT Technology Readiness. The website used to verify CBT Technology Readiness is the same website that school and district coordinators will use to download the Questar Secure Browser for Chromebooks, iPads, Mac, and Windows machines. There is a different Secure Browser for each device type allowed in New York State for computer-based testing (CBT).

To prepare for downloading and installing the Questar Secure Browser, school and district technology coordinators should read the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide. For assistance with downloading the Questar Secure Browser, schools should contact Questar Customer Support:

Questar Customer Service:
Phone: 866-997-0695

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