First Message, Operational CBT ELA Listserv, 3/7/19

CBT Listserv, Operational ELA Today: March 7, 2019

 Welcome to the CBT ELA Operational Listserv: Students Are Now Available in Nextera Admin!

Welcome to the CBT Listserv for Operational CBT English Language Arts (ELA)! Your email address has been added to this listserv so that we can communicate with your school during the upcoming operational CBT ELA administration that begins on April 1, 2019. You are included in this listserv and subscribed as a principal of a school that ordered operational CBT ELA or as a District Test Coordinator (DTC) that has a school participating in the operational CBT ELA administration. Additionally, you may be included in this listserv as a result of your school indicating via the CBT Technology Readiness verification that you should receive messages from NYSED about CBT ELA. We will only send CBT ELA information to this listserv group to assist with schools with preparing for operational CBT, such as advising in the morning on April 1st that CBT exams are ready for students to access or to point you to helpful information posted on CBT Support.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the CBT Simulation Listserv, please send an email to with “Unsubscribe from CBT Simulation Listserv” in the subject line.

 Nextera Admin

If you have forgotten your login credentials to Nextera Admin, please contact Questar Customer Support to have your account reset: Phone: 866-997-0695 / Email: It is now time for all operational CBT ELA schools to begin organizing students into class “containers” on Nextera Admin and to set student testing accommodations. Schools will be able to print student login tickets on Nextera Admin on March 18, 2019. You should not print login tickets for CBT until after you have organized your students into their testing groups and set all of your students’ testing accommodations on Nextera Admin. Please reference the CBT Timeline for important dates for the spring 2019 CBT Administration.

The user guide for Nextera Admin is Appendix Y of the School Administrator’s Manual (SAM).  The “Classes” and “Students” tabs are now available on Nextera Admin.


CBT ELA Students Are Available in Nextera Admin

All schools that ordered operational CBT ELA for any grade level will now see students under the “Students” and “Classes” tabs in Nextera Admin. Upon logging into Nextera Admin, you will be able to click on the “Classes” tab to see grade-level class “containers” in Nextera Admin. Your students have been loaded by grade level enrollment and are now ready for you to organize in Nextera Admin according to the way in which you wish to administer operational CBT in your school. This may be according to instructional classes or in different “groupings” for general education, students with accommodations, students who you know may need more time to test during the day, and more. You can organize students in any way you want within Nextera Admin—this organization is not tied to accountability. When you organize students into a class “container” on Nextera Admin, you will have the following benefits:

  • Each class “container” will have unique test session access codes for those students to access Session 1 and Session 2 on their operational CBT testing days
  • Each class “container” will allow you to download a .csv file (into Excel) for you to easily review student rosters and confirm any testing accommodations set for students
  • The class “container” is the organized group for printing login tickets for batches of students
  • The class “container” represents how you will view students on operational CBT testing day from the Testing Status Details page

If you find that you have students that are missing or are no longer enrolled in your district/school, please contact your local Regional Information Center (RIC) testing department. They can help with next steps.

Setting Student Testing Accommodations

All student testing accommodations must be set before printing student login tickets. You can set student testing accommodations either from the View Student page for each individual student or from the Multi-Student Edit page under the “Students” tab on Nextera Admin. After setting all student testing accommodations in your school, please have a second colleague download a report of students either from the Students tab or from each class “container page on Nextera Admin to confirm all student testing accommodations are set correctly. Use the buddy system! If one colleague sets student testing accommodations, then another colleague should help to confirm that all student testing accommodations are set correctly. This will ensure your students will log into the CBT test session on the day of operational CBT and be able to begin testing immediately. We want your CBT administration to be as seamless as possible!

You can find steps for how to set student testing accommodations on CBT Support:

Helpful CBT Resources

There are many helpful resources on CBT Support to help you understand more about how to use Nextera Admin. Additionally, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to find questions and answers that may help you with planning your CBT administration. You can subscribe to new content alerting via the “Follow” feature on CBT Support.

We really hope the tips we provide in these listserv messages help your school to be better organized for the operational CBT ELA administration. We will try to keep you well informed of important events and information about CBT. The Proctor Webinar is coming up on March 15th. Remember to register

As a reminder, you can always contact your RIC testing department for regional support of CBT, and you can always send an email to the NYSED CBT Team. We are here for you to help!

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