3/1/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates, March 1, 2019

  1. The first CBT Simulation on February 26th was a success with more than 17,000 simultaneous users accessing the Secure Browser practice tests at the peak (around 9:30 am on Tuesday).
  2. The second CBT Simulation is on this upcoming Tuesday, March 5th, and we expect even more students to access the Secure Browser practice tests (more schools planned to participate on March 5th than February 26th and the tumultuous winds in part of the state on 2/26 resulted in some schools being closed during the first CBT Simulation).
  3. Top Issues identified during the first CBT Simulation:
    • TTS issue on Chromebooks where the blue highlighting of words (which highlights along with the robots as the robots read the text to the student) is skipping the first word in sentences and after some punctuation marks.
      • This was reported by several schools and is being investigated by Questar.
    • “Switching Applications” error; we will be reminding schools about the following:
      • Disable screen savers
      • Disable notifications that may pop-up
      • Consider if students will get the low-battery pop-up
      • We are also working on clearer guidance about accessibility or other settings, such as settings for “tap dragging” on touchpads and on-screen keyboards
      • Questar is working on additional documentation and suggestions for programs, such as anti-virus software, that may be running in the background that could trigger this disruption to student testing
    • Lenovo Chromebooks and Windows laptops that “flip to a tablet” do not work with a Stylus; Questar is researching a potential solution.
      • We will post details about Known Issues next week.
    • TTS is too fast on Chromebooks: this can be adjusted for the Chromevox voice
      1. Questar is going to provide recommendations to adjust the pitch and speed
    • Word prediction is enabled automatically on tablets with flip-screen when using the devices as tablets
      • We are investigating if there is a configuration setting or something else to disable this feature (it’s problematic for CBT ELA especially as word-prediction is only allowed as an IEP or 504 plan testing accommodation).
  4. Monday, March 4th is the big day for Students to be loaded and available in Nextera Admin!
    • Remember: Schools must use the Chrome Browser for accessing Nextera Admin
    • Students will be loaded as a result of the data pull at L2 on February 8th
    • We will send the announcement to the field on Wednesday, March 6th with the following guidance:
      • Review that all of your students you expect to see in Nextera Admin are loaded to the correct grade-level containers (“Classes” in Nextera Admin)
      • Identify any students that were not loaded due to arriving in district after February 8th
        • Work with your RIC if you need help adding new students to Nextera Admin
        • Organize students into testing “Classes” as the school swill want them to be testing on the day of Operational CBT
        • Set student testing accommodations
        • Remind schools that they should NOT print student login tickets until classes are organized and student testing accommodations are completely set (student login tickets will be available for printing on March 18)
          1. Test session Access Codes will be available on March 18 once the Tests tab is available
  5. Proctor PINs are available now on Nextera Admin (beneath the Great American Novel on the Nextera Admin homepage)
  6. School Scoring Consortia details have been loaded to Nextera Admin: all schools should be encouraged to review and let us know if they see incorrect CBT Scoring Consortia details on the Nextera Admin homepage (this information is posted in the same section with the Proctor PINs beneath the Great American Novel on the Nextera Admin homepage).
  7. We are working with Questar to collect details on all possible error messages that students may encounter within the Secure Browser
    • Some messages, such as the “Guided Access Pop-Up” on iPads are device specific
    • We expect to have these details next week from Questar and they will be added to the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide as an Appendix.
  8. The Proctor Training webinar registration for March 15th is posed: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360023883591-Registration-Open-2019-New-York-State-Computer-Based-Testing-CBT-Proctor-Training-Best-Practices-Webinar
  9. Finally, please encourage all schools to print and post on their wall the CBT Timeline: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360020441711-CBT-Timeline-Significant-Events-2019
    1. This will help them at-a-glance to know about moving parts for operational CBT!


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