FIXED: Time-Out Error When Adding Students to Classes on Nextera Admin

3/7/19: Questar has advised and we have confirmed with users in the field that this issue is fixed. Schools can resume moving multiple students at a time into a class on Nextera Admin. 

FIXED: There is a time-out error on Nextera Admin reported by some schools when adding multiple students at at time to a class on Nextera Admin. Schools have reported that when selecting students to "carry over" into a class created for their operational CBT ELA administration, they are receiving the below error. We have heard this can occur when trying to add more than three students at a time to a class and also when trying to "Save" the class. 

Questar is working to correct this issue on Nextera Admin. As a temporary workaround, if you encounter this issue, please try to add fewer students at a time to the class. 

When encountering this issue, users will see the below time-out error. Again, Questar is working to correct this issue. We will keep you posted via this article on CBT Support. Once the issue is resolved, this article will indicate "Fixed" instead of "Known Issue" in the title. 

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