Known Behavior: Chromebook Text-to-Speech

There are two known behaviors with the Chromebook Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality we want to make sure schools are aware of ahead of operational CBT:

  1. The word highlighting feature, called "follow along," that highlights words as the text is read to the student can sometimes skip the first word in a sentence while highlighting words. This skipping of highlighted words during "follow along" can also occur after some punctuation marks. 
    • The TTS Player reads all of the words to the student; it is only the highlighting that can occasionally skip a word. 
  2. The Chromevox voice for Chromebook TTS cannot be adjusted for pitch and speed--the Questar Secure Browser will not recognize the pitch and speed adjustments on a student's Chromebook.
    • If students find the Chromevox voice to be too fast at the default speed setting, the students should try listening to the 0.5x speed available from the TTS player within the Secure Browser.
    • In advance of sitting for an operational CBT exam, students who are testing on Chromebook and find the TTS voice to be too fast may prefer the testing accommodation "Read Aloud (by human)" as an option for delivery of the Test Read accommodation on CBT.
      • For students who make use of the online accommodation "Read Aloud (by human)," they will test on computer and enter their responses into the online platform, but the test will be read to them by a human instead of the TTS "robots." 

Again, these issues apply only to TTS on Chromebooks.

All students who are testing on computer for the Grades 3-8 ELA and math exams should have experience with Questar's CBT platform ahead of sitting for the computer-based tests. It is very important that students who will make use of any online testing accommodations have practice with those accommodations, including Text-to-Speech, to ensure the delivery method of the accommodation is the best and most appropriate way to provide the accommodation to the student for the computer-based tests. 

These known issues are related to both CBT ELA and math administrations. 

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