3/8/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates, 3/7/19

  1. The “Known Issues” section has launched on CBT Support
    • We used this to communicate about a bug on Nextera Admin time-out error with moving students into classes
    • This issue is now fixed: https://cbtsupport.nysed.gov/hc/en-us/articles/360024870571-FIXED-Time-Out-Error-When-Adding-Students-to-Classes-on-Nextera-Admin
    • This workflow is how bugs that disrupt features/functionality will be communicated to the RIC Working Group (we advise you of a “known issue” provide details on any potential workarounds, and then advise you when the issue is fixed
    • We repost the article on CBT Support so that a new content alert is sent to any subscribers of the Secure Browser Updates and Known Issues section on CBT Support
  2. The Questar LASR Team proposed schedule will be sent to the groups of RICs early next week, but we know where LASR Team members to be on day one of operational CBT ELA (April 1):
    • Wayne Finger Lakes RIC
      • GST, WNYRIC, and Monroe are also in this LASR region
    • Nassau
      • Eastern Suffolk is also in this LASR region
    • MORIC
      • SCRIC and CNYRIC are also in this region
    • MHRIC
      • Yonkers and LHRIC are also in this region
    • Queens, NYC
    • Albany will have Questar colleagues who can be dispatched to NERIC region
    • If you want a LASR Team member for Wednesday, April 3rd, please let Heather know via email
    • The RICs will be asked to determine a schedule, but we will provide a suggestion
  3. WNYRIC has been kind enough to allow Questar to send some technical colleagues to visit districts next week to investigate the “Switching Applications” pop-up errors and other minor issues identified during the CBT Simulations, such as with features and tools that need to be disabled and may cause the Secure Browser to lose focus
    • We will share as much information as we can that comes out of this CBT sleuthing expedition
  4. The first CBT ELA listserv message went out last night with the news that students are available in Nextera Admin—we waited until the time-out error was fixed for moving students into classes before alerting the field to begin working in Nextera Admin
  5. Schools may be contacting the RICs about students who are missing (were not available in the L2 data warehouse as of February 8th, the date of the ELA student data pull) or students who are no longer enrolled in the district/school:
    • Students who are missing: schools/districts need to locate the student’s NYSSIS ID (this may be through the District Data Coordinator (DDC) who has access to the NYSSIS ID app through the NYSED business portal)
      • Contact Kiara if you need help; our new colleague for CBT data, Ellen, will also be able to help with finding NYSSIS IDs, but we want the schools to rely on existing internal workflows with the DDCs
    • Missing students can be added through the Nextera Admin interface (Add New Student), and schools must ensure the Local ID is correct
    • Students who are no longer enrolled or were uploaded by DOB and are not testing in the identified grade level (as we’ve heard, this may be the case with some of our students with disabilities) should be “unassigned” from the class on the View Student page.
      • Protip: after unassigning a student from a class—you will not be able to “find” that student in Nextera Admin unless you remove the “content area” in the tiny-baby “Change” link at the top of Nextera Admin
      • Unassigning the student from the class ALSO unassigns the student from a content area
    • Students cannot be deleted in Nextera Admin as a security measure
  6. Questar is working on issues regarding Lenovo laptops and stylus input as well as some other issues regarding features that need to be disabled, such as the on-screen keyboard that may pop up and disrupt testing
    • They are also working on a list of features that must be disabled—we have seen preliminary drafts and are working with Questar
    • We expect an updated Nextera Setup & Installation Guide to be provided to NYSED today for review that will include additional features/functionality to disable as well as screen shots and parameters for all possible error messages our students may see during operational CBT—these will be appendices, and we’ll note specifics on the Setup & Installation Guide page on CBT Support
  7. Please remind schools that participated in the second CBT Simulation to fill out the survey on CBT Support!
    • The traffic pattern was very similar on 3/5 to 2/26 with peak simultaneous users at just over 17,000 test sessions
    • However, we had traffic at larger intervals and longer throughout the day this past Tuesday than on 2/26—it appears that more schools participated in the second simulation, as was our expectation based on feedback we’d heard from the field and weather in some parts of the state on 2/26


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