How can students play specific words or sections of a passage or question with Text-to-Speech?

The following screenshots are from the online NY Question Sampler

The Text-to-Speech player that students see on screen allows students to play (repeat) specific parts of a passage, question, or answer. The "Play from Here" feature is available under the right mouse-click or available from press/hold functions on the iPad.

When a student accesses a CBT test session with the Text to Speech (TTS) accommodation, the TTS player will be available on-screen on the lower right corner of of the CBT test form. From there, a student can click and drag the TTS player to any location on-screen using the mouse (or press/drag on an iPad). 

When you click on the TTS player menu bar (the three horizontal lines) you see the following menu, as shown below:

Play All - plays everything from the top-left to the bottom-right of the testing windows 

Play Directions- plays the directions for ELA and Science
Play Passage - plays the passage on the left only, starting from the top-left
Play Question - plays the question only
Play Answers - plays all the answers only



In order to locate the "Play from Here" functionality, place your mouse arrow anywhere within a passage or question and use your right-click button on the mouse see a different TTS  pop-up menu. 
Play From Here - plays from where the mouse cursor is placed within the test form
Play Passage - plays the passage on the left only, starting from the top-left



Below are additional details for how this menu appears for questions and answers:

Right click on the question
Play From Here - plays the question from where you right clicked
Play Question - plays the entire question


Right click on the answer
Play From Here - plays the answers from where you right clicked
Play Answers - plays all the answers




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