3/22/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates, 3/22/19

  1. We are six days away from the beginning of operational CBT ELA on Monday, April 1!
  2. ScorePoint letters to scoring consortia scoring directors will be sent today from Questar and will include the scoring director’s login to ScorePoint.
  3. We are launching the “CBT Hotline” for schools to be able to call the Office of Information & Reporting Services to connect with the correct office at NYSED for CBT inquiry: 518-474-7965.
  4. The 9 character limit on the Local ID field has been set in Nextera Admin
    • Less or more than 9 characters throws an error upon trying to save and alerts the user that the student ID must be numeric only and 9 characters:
    • We already have some “offenders” out there! We have a report of manually entered students (just over 400), and some of them have Local Student IDs that are less than 9 character

5. Fast Track NYSSIS ID will launch on Monday

  • We have investigated and we cannot provide access to the RIC Working Group colleagues this year as the access control was designed to provide access to district level users who have a school administering CBT—it’s designed around CBT orders and not based on user roles.
  • We’ll look into this for next year.

6. The LASR Team plan for Questar technical support in the field during CBT ELA is final.

  • The next steps are that I will send introductory emails, copying in RIC colleagues for the LASR region and providing contact information for the Questar LASR Team member.

7. Digital pen issues: we need your help; we believe digital/smart/EMR (electro-magnetic resonance) styluses definitely do not work on Windows machines but very well may work on Chromebooks.

  • Does anyone have a school where you’ve been discussing this where you can verify?
    • Make sure they know that they cannot use ANY stylus in tablet mode—we need to verify this condition on a Chromebook being used as a laptop.
    • Whether or not the digital pen works may also be related to the “type” of Chromebook—please provide the type of laptops when reporting issues going forward, such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.

8. Nextera Admin timeout errors: Questar has identified two improvements they can make regarding the intermittent timeout errors schools may be receiving when trying to download lists of students:

  • An update should be made by Monday next week.
  • Questar is also working to improve their own error monitoring for these kinds of errors.

9. Reminder: TTS reading speed 0.85x does not work—this is a remnant of the TTS solution from last year that was based on Amazon Polly (but did not work offline).

  • There is some difference, however, for iPads when changing the reading speed from the default speed of 1.0x to 0.85x.

10. Questar has done additional research with NYS districts to identify a few settings that must be disabled for schools to avoid the “Switching Applications” error on Windows machines:

  1. Filter keys settings
  2. Sticky keys settings
  3. Three- and four-finger touchpad swiping
  4. Left-to-right touchscreen swiping and right-to-left touchscreen swiping

11. Updated after Friday Morning’s Discussion: Students in Nextera Admin that do not belong to the school or the CBT grade level:

  • All students in Nextera Admin who are not taking a CBT test session should have the applicable “Not Tested” code applied for their “Testing Status.”
  • We want to avoid any students being “left” in the “Unassigned” void in Nextera Admin
    • However, please note, a data business rule has been added this year to handle an unassigned student elegantly for data flow from Questar to L2 this year: code 12 for “Unknown, Not Indicated”
    • The best practice is that all students must have a “Completed” testing status for Session 1 and Session 2 OR have “Not Tested” codes set for Session 1 and/or Session 2.

12. Pausing the CBT test session: we are receiving a lot of inquiries about pausing the test this year (you probably are also). While the bug from the 2018 CBT ELA administration has been fixed (that resulted in some student responses going missing on-screen), there are other issues with pausing the test:

  • For CBT ELA, answer eliminator selections for answer choices in Session 1/multiple choice sessions will be lost when pausing the test and resuming the test:
    • Schools can tape a piece of paper over the screen
    • Schools can tape a file folder over the screen
    • Schools can have the student navigate to one of the test cover pages to have that visible on screen if stepping away from the computer
  • We are trying to get this information out to the field as a Known Issue, but please note that this is only relevant if a student is making use of the answer eliminator tool—this does not come up as much with CBT ELA. The Answer eliminator tool is used by students more frequently with CBT math.

13. We will start to advise the field about the “CBT Today” container on CBT Support that will launch for operational CBT:

  • This will provide a health status of the Nextera systems every morning and also provide a protip of the day.
  • If you happen to see some trends during operational CBT and you have a suggestion for a protip that can help our more than 1,000 schools testing during operational CBT, then please let me know!

14. As with 2017 and 2018, there will be an Administrator’s Survey released by Questar after each operational CBT administration

  • It will be posted to Nextera Admin, CBT Support, and promoted via the listserv.
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