Questar Secure Browser: Common Pop-Up Messages and Steps to Resolve Them

In order to help our operational CBT schools with more efficient technical troubleshooting, Questar has prepared the attached pop-up messages documentation to guide you in what steps to take if a student within your school experiences a pop-up message during testing. When a student encounters a pop-up message, the student may not be able to continue with testing at that moment without addressing an issue and logging back into the test session with aid of the Proctor PIN

This document provides details about the most common messages students may encounter when testing on the Questar Secure Browser during operational CBT. The included information shows the pop-up message, offers potential causes, and includes action steps a school can take to resolve the error.

Examples of Common pop-up messages included in the attached resource document:

If you need immediate technical assistance during operational CBT, please contact Questar directly and always remember to keep your Regional Information Center (RIC) or Big 5 City School District testing department up-to-date on important testing information in your school: 

Questar Customer Service
Phone: 866-997-0695

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