Pausing the Computer-Based Tests

Last year, during operational CBT ELA, an issue was identified related to pausing student test sessions. That issue was resolved by the 2018 CBT math administration. The Questar Secure Browser "Pause/Sign out" feature works as expected this year, returning a student to the point within the test where she/he paused the test and saving all responses entered prior to pausing the test session. 

However, we understand that there are still concerns. We also understand that for students who make use of the testing accommodation that allows for frequent breaks, pausing the test session to re-enter it with the help of the proctor after every break can be time consuming during operational CBT. 

If a student needs to pause the operational CBT exam, such as to go to the bathroom or to go to lunch, schools can make the decision to do one of the following:

  • Pause the test with the "Pause / Sign out" button.
  • Place a file folder over the computer screen while a student is not actively testing.
  • Pause/Sign Out of the practice test, ending the practice test.
  • Have the student navigate to the test cover page via the "Review" screen to leave the cover page visible on screen while the student is not actively testing.

When a student pauses the test via the "Pause/Sign out" button, all student responses will be saved.

Please Note, 4/1/19: we have heard a handful of cases where highlights are not saving when students have paused the test and resumed testing after lunch. This is not being reported on a large scale. We are currently investigating this issue with Questar. Highlighted sections of ELA passages should be saved and continue to be highlighted when a student resumes testing after pausing a test. 

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