CBT Today: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 (Day Seven of CBT ELA)

Status:  Good

Questar advises the Nextera systems are working well this morning and students will have a good testing experience in New York State today. 


Protip of the Day: Double-check your student testing accommodations are set correctly before students log in to start testing! This is especially important to confirm that "Text-to-Speech (online only)" (TTS) and "Read Aloud (by human)" testing accommodations are set correctly in Nextera Admin. If students log into the test session and the TTS accommodation is not set, you must call Questar to request a test-form reset for the student. 

Review Student Testing Accommodations
Navigate to the "STUDENTS" tab and "Students" page: 

At the bottom right of the list of students for your district or school, click the "Student Download (Excel)" link: 

Once the Excel list downloads in your Chrome Browser downloads tray, you can quickly review testing accommodations for every student:

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