Passwords for Alternate Language CBT Math Students

Most student passwords for CBT math are alphanumeric except for some students who will be testing in an alternate language that may require the use of an alternate language keyboard, which may not include necessary alpha characters used in the password. For students who might be using an alternate language keyboard, Questar has ensured the passwords are numeric-only to allow for keystroke entry of the username (NYSSIS ID) and password, both of which are numeric only.

Passwords for CBT math are numeric-only for students testing in the following alternate languages: 

  • Chinese
  • Haitian Creole
  • Korean 
  • Russian

Passwords for CBT math students who are testing in the alternate language Spanish are alphanumeric. 

Going forward, any new students manually entered into Nextera Admin for the CBT math administration will have numeric-only passwords. 

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