4/26/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Update, 4/26/19

  1. We are two days away from the CBT Math administration! More than 720 schools plan to administer CBT Math with the potential of more than 150,000 students projected to test on computer next week.
  2. Please alert your schools that Questar test delivery packages will be addressed to “STC” – let’s make sure all schools are aware of this.
    • We are working with Questar to improve the labels for CBT SAFT deliveries.
  3. CBT Math classes that had passwords changes last Friday will receive packages of the CBT Math login tickets on Monday morning, April 29th.
    • The packages will be addressed to the school principals.
    • All principals have been notified via email by Questar of the login ticket deliveries coming on Monday.
  4. The CBT ELA data pull is expected to happen today: there should be no more updates to CBT ELA student data, such as setting “Not Tested” codes, beginning today:
    • Please consider sending reminders to your schools—especially those schools that missed this deadline last year; let’s make sure they are well informed and have made all necessary updates by this morning.
  5. Student Partial Test Sessions: you do need to send blank answer sheets through for a CBT + PBT complete student test record:
    • Student took Session 1 on computer:
      • Session 1 has “Completed” as the testing status
      • Session 2 has “Testing on Paper” as the testing status
    • Same student took Session 2 on paper:
      • Session 1 has a blank answer sheet with NO reason code
      • Session 2 has scores
  6. For CBT Math, we are working to provide additional details to the CBT Working Group regarding recovery statuses: Success, Pending, Not Found.
  7. Please note the article posted to CBT Support about Test Read accommodations being English-Only accommodations:
  8. The “CBT Today” listserv messages will begin again on Monday to advise schools of the following:
  9. Questar LASR Team Members: please do reach out to any schools new to CBT Math or schools that encountered significant technical difficulties during CBT ELA to see if they want a LASR Team Member on site during a day next week.
    • LASR refers to "Local Assistance and Readiness (LASR) Team."
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