FIXED: Grade 3 Math, Session 2, #36, Students Cannot Enter Some Punctuation Marks in the Answer Box

5/1/19: This issue has been fixed by Questar and verified by NYSED QA. Students will be able to enter expected punctuation marks for responses to Grade 3, Math, Session 2, Question #36.

Please note that schools have reported and Questar has confirmed that for Grade 3 Math, Session 2, Question #36, students cannot enter some punctuation marks into the Answer Box. Please advise your students of the following: 

  • Students may enter their response into the Answer Box without punctuation marks
  • NYSED will advise all NYS scoring consortia of this issue related to Grade 3 Math, #36
  • Students will not lose credit due to any technical issue related to input of punctuation marks within this Answer Box
  • There is no issue with entering punctuation marks into the Equation Editor Constructed Response Box/"Show your work" area in this item

We apologize for this inconvenience.

NYSED will keep you posted of any updates to this issue via this article page as well as directly through the CBT Math Listserv. 

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