5/3/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates, 5/3/19

  1. CBT Math testing has gone very well: there have been no significant technical issues.
    • More than 73,000 students have completed their CBT Math tests with the peak simultaneous users cresting just over 25,000 students (on Wednesday, Day Two of Operational CBT).
  2. CBT Math Scoring begins on Monday, May 6th and closes on May 16th
  3. The CBT Math data pull will occur after CBT Math closes, but all schools should work toward having all student “Not Tested” codes updated and final by Wednesday, May 15th.
  4. The CBT Math Administrator’s Survey was posted this morning to CBT Today section on CBT Support and was shared via the CBT Math listserv message this morning.
  5. It’s time to remind all CBT schools about “wind down” activities:
    • Review the Nextera Admin Testing Status Details page for any “Not Started” or “In Progress” student testing statuses.
    • If you find any incomplete test sessions, then the test coordinators should review the TESTS, Test-Class page to determine next steps.
    • Remind all schools to complete setting their student Not Tested codes; many schools wait until after testing to make these updates to student test records on Nextera Admin.
  6. It’s time to start preparing for CBT field testing! (Stand-Alone Field Testing / SAFT):
  7. The CBT SAFT Proctor Webinar registration is posted in CBT Resources
    • The first half will be for proctoring and the second half will feature the Lessons Learned from operational CBT administrations
      • The number one lesson learned is that schools seem to have difficulty setting student testing accommodations and then confirming them BEFORE students log in to the CBT test
      • There have been so many form resets for both administrations, which represents a disruption to student testing
    • Other hot topics will include the following:
      • Accommodations setting and confirming
      • Alternate Language: how does it work and what does the student see?
      • Form Reset Process (We will try to create an article to highlight this process flow.)
      • Students seeing Math HTML and the need to reboot their computers
      • Highlights and Answer Eliminations: do they save? (We will create a table and an article to assist with sharing this information.)
      • Responses Missing: when does this happen and what do I do?
  8. Preparing for Next Year: we want all of our RIC, BOCES, and Big 5 colleagues to start providing us with any new computer/laptop/tablet models that schools are purchasing or plan to purchase: do you have any ideas for how best we can collect this information?



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