5/10/19: CBT Weekly Updates, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

CBT Weekly Updates Call, 5/10/19

  1. Current: Nextera Admin is encountering technical difficulties this morning—we’ll keep you posted; Questar is investigating.
    • The difficulties are intermittent and not all schools trying to access Nextera Admin are encountering issues.
  2. More than 130,000 students successfully tested on computer for CBT Math
  3. More than 180,000 students successfully tested on computer for CBT ELA.
  4. Congratulations to all our RIC/BOCES/Big 5 colleagues who have worked so hard to support the operational CBT administrations: today is the last day of operational CBT Math!
    • Tests will no longer be available to access after 5:00 pm this evening.
    • All schools should be reminded of wind-down activities, such as reviewing all student testing statuses to make sure “Not Tested” codes are set.
  5. The CBT Math data pull is slated for next Friday May 17th, after CBT Math scoring closes on Thursday, May 16.
  6. School principals received news today with a list of students who are included in the CBT ELA Special Review, which identifies any student who encountered technical difficulties during operational CBT ELA where responses were missing at one point during the administration window.
    • The students communicated in these lists will appear in the L2RPT Tested/Not Tested Confirmation Report (SIRS-301) as “not tested.”
    • From the communication: “ …the test records for approximately 1,375 students have been temporarily separated from test records for the more than over 180,000 students who completed test sessions on computer. The student test records that were separated pertain to those test sessions in which the loss of student responses may have occurred due to the technical issues.”
      • Similar to last year, this group also includes students’’ whose test session were “force-submitted” by Questar at the end of the CBT administration window.
    • The CBT ELA Special Review will continue into the summer, and the Office of State Assessment will communicate results directly to principals.
    • I do not know yet if students in this group will have their student CRs published to Nextera Admin in June along with all students—we will research this further with the Office of State Assessment.
    • Questions about the CBT ELA Special Review may be directed to the Office of State Assessment with CBT Support copied in: emscassessinfo@nysed.gov
  7. We are focusing now on the upcoming CBT SAFT administration!
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