Known Behavior: Manually Entered Students Require 24 Hours for CBT Field Testing Form Assignment in Nextera Admin

Student data for schools participating in CBT field testing is loaded automatically from the State Level 2 (L2) data warehouse based on the school's grade level/subject field testing assignment. However, some students who may be new to your district will need to be entered manually in Nextera Admin to participate in CBT field testing.

Manually entered students will not be able to test until the following day after the student record is created in Nextera Admin. The process to assign the CBT field testing test form runs overnight at Questar. You will not see the newly created student record on the TESTS tab, Test>Class page until the following day. When the student is available under the TESTS tab, you will then see login credentials and a test form assigned to that new student for CBT field testing. 

This process is different from operational CBT testing where schools can add a new student to Nextera Admin and immediately have a form assigned and login credentials for that new student to test immediately. 


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