10/18/19: CBT Update Call Notes, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

  1. NYSED Online Examination Request System and Order Reports
  • CBT exam requests continue to come in.  Over 400 schools have requested CBT for at least one subject and grade so far.  Overall, we’ve received over 2000 school requests so far.
  • Just a reminder that schools have until 12/6 to place their requests online.  After 12/6, schools must contact Questar directly.
  • Next week we will start sending out the CBT Order Reports like we did last year to the appropriate L1’s.
  1. CBT Technology Readiness
  • The Tech Readiness Checklist must be completed and submitted by 12/30.
  • Reminder: District Test Coordinators (DTCs), Principals (PRNs), District Information Technology Coordinators (DITCs), and School Information Technology Coordinators (SITCs), can complete technology readiness
  1. Benefits to Participating in the Statewide Simulation

Last year, the Commissioner brought together a work group of superintendents and district superintendents to make recommendations concerning computer-based testing. Based on their recommendations, the Commissioner concluded that all schools participating in operational computer-based testing also be required to participate in the Statewide Simulation. Therefore, NYSED is asking all schools who are participating in 2020 Grades 3-8 ELA and/or Math Operational Computer-Based Tests to participate in one or both Statewide Simulation days.

Participation in the simulation enables schools to address any shortcomings in their networks or devices in advance of operational testing. The simulation also offers schools the opportunity to practice computer-based test administration procedures, at the same time affording students an opportunity to practice with the test delivery system without the pressures of operational testing. More specifically, participation in either one or both Statewide Simulations prior to testing affords schools the opportunity to organize and plan the following:

Confirm Network Readiness:

  • Assess how Questar’s Secure Browser functions within your school networks.
  • Verify wireless connections are working properly.
  • Plan on limiting network activity that may impact bandwidth, such as streaming music and video.
  • Practice staggering student testing start-times within a testing group within your school.

Prepare Testing Devices:

  • Ensure student testing devices are charged before starting the Simulation.
  • Verify all devices date and times are accurate.
  • Disable screen savers and system notifications.

Plan for Testing Locations:

  • Verify availability of electrical outlets and extra power cords if needed.
  • Verify testing room set-up for computer-based testing.

Participation in either one or both Statewide Simulations prior to testing affords teachers and students the following opportunities:

  • Practice accessing the test delivery system using student login tickets.
  • Prepare and strengthen student’s familiarity with Questar’s test delivery system through the downloaded Questar Secure Browser.
  • Practice navigating between questions and use of testing tools, such as the highlighter, line reader, and calculator for assisting with test taking.
  • Practice answering CBT ELA and Math multiple- choice questions.
  • Practice use of constructed-response boxes for ELA.
  • Practice answering CBT Math constructed-response questions using the Equation Editor and Drawing Tool.

4. Preparation of the Upcoming Fall Webinar

  • NYSED is working on a CBT Fall Webinar to be held in November. The date and time are not finalized yet, but based on suggestions from the call, will be early November.
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