2019-20 Enrollment Has Been Loaded to Educator Portal

NYSED has uploaded 2019-20 student enrollment to KITE Educator Portal. This enrollment reflects students reported to the State data warehouse with a 0220 program service code (NYSAA-eligible) by November 8, 2019.

After a first load of the enrollment was completed on November 12, 2019, it was discovered that students were loaded in incorrect grade levels.

A reload on November 18, 2019 corrected the grade level issue.

The November 18, 2019 reload updated any records already in KITE Educator Portal that matched the NYSSIS IDs in the file. For example, a student incorrectly reported in Grade 3 was updated to Grade 4.

The reload did not delete any records.

NYSED will not be uploading any additional 2019-20 enrollment data to KITE Educator Portal.

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