12/18/19: CBT Update Call Notes, Grades 3-8 ELA and Math

  1. Update on Lead Scoring Entity
    • NYSED has reached out to CBT Schools that have left their Lead Scoring Entity as “Pending”
    • Lead Scoring Entity Information needs to be finalized by December 30th.
      • If any schools have extenuating circumstances that cannot make this deadline, will need to reach out to OSA by email at emscassessinfo@nysed.gov explaining their circumstance.
  1. Update on CBT Technology Readiness
    • Questar will be sending out reminder emails twice a week to school that have not yet completed Technology Readiness.
    • NYSED will start to plan reach out to CBT school that have not completed Technology Readiness.
    • NYSED has also been sharing CBT Technology Readiness report of schools that have completed CBT Technology Readiness to the Working Group.
      • Deadline to complete the checklist and submit verification through Nextera Admin is Monday, December 30, 2019. Please note any school that fails to verify by this deadline will be reverted to paper-based testing. Please be sure that users are using Google Chrome when completing their checklist.
  1. Important Enrollment dates
    • February 7: Operational ELA CBT program service and demographic data due to L2
    • February 24: Operational ELA CBT Nextera Admin has student data loaded
    • February 28: Operational Math CBT program service and demographic data due to L2
    • March 23: Operational Math CBT Nextera Admin has student data loaded
    • March 27: SAFT CBT enrollment and demographic data due to L2
    • May 4: SAFT CBT Nextera Admin has student data loaded
  2. CBT Statewide Simulation
    • NYSED and Questar are working on a process to allow the simulation to mimic operational CBT testing with the support of Nextera Admin.

What are we doing differently this year?

  • A new tab will be available in Nextera Admin. Titled “simulation.”
  • Mock data will be loaded standard processes. The number of student tickets will be based on the orders placed with a 10% overage added.
  • Student login in tickets will be generic, with student names being Last1, First1
  • Passwords will be unique.
  • Schools can set testing accommodations manually, as they do during normal test administration. This must occur prior to the simulation dates.
  • The existing practice tests would be used as the test forms for the simulations. Practice from 3 will be used. 


  • We will really see how the load is being handled.
  • Ability to track number of completed tests*
  • Ability to provide high-level device information for completed tests (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS)
  • Ability to provide completed test counts and device information by district, school and/or grade.

More information will be shared very soon.  There will be a Quick Reference Guide produced for schools.  There will be a statewide webex on January 10 from 10:00-12:00.  The registration page will be posted soon and shared with CBT schools and L1 support.

5. Moving forward with Calls

Starting, with our first call of 2020, out CBT Update Calls will now be held weekly, on Friday morning, but ONLY for the RIs and the Big 5 districts. This decision was a result of speaking with the RIC Directors, who made the request.

The change from the calls being held every other week, as we’ve been doing these past few months, to every week, will allow us to share information at a more frequent interval. Those attending the weekly calls, the RICs and the Big 5 Districts, will, in turn, be responsible for sharing CBT update information with their respective BOCES and schools within their districts.

For our first scheduled call, on Friday, January 3rd, we will be sending out an appointment with a new call-in number. This appointment will be sent only to RIC Directors and staff they designate, so please check your inbox for this appointment in the coming future.


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