Best Practices: Computer-Based Testing "Tech Tips"

The following list provides "Tech Tips" best practices that our CBT schools can reference to make sure they've planned for the optimal computer-based testing experience for students in their school. 

Limit network activity that may impact bandwidth, such as streaming music and video.

  • Consider advising teachers (who are not testing) not refrain from using the network for instruction that consumes a lot of bandwidth, such as playing music or videos from the internet.
  • Consider disconnecting non-essential devices from your network.

Double-check wireless connections.  

  • If you are administering CBT using a wireless connection, make sure that the testing devices are set to connect to the correct hotspot.
  • Make sure you have enough hotspots to sufficiently cover all devices.
  • Be sure to test WiFi connection before testing.
  • Remember that there are non-technology causes for interruptions in WiFi service, such as proximity to microwaves in the teacher’s lounge.

Disable screen savers.

  • Active screen savers can disrupt the test for the student, causing the student to have to pause and log back into the test.
    • The Nextera Secure Browser is set to log a student out if the browser suspects the student is trying to get to another program, which can be triggered by a screen saver launching.
    • This is an intentional security feature.

Avoid performing client software updates, patching, and data backups. 

  • Disable applications are set to run “behind the scenes” on devices.
    • When the computer starts an automatic update, for instance a Java or Acrobat Reader update, the Nextera Secure Browser recognizes this as the computer trying to access another program and will log the student out.
    • This is an intentional security feature.

Make sure the device date and times are accurate.

  • The Nextera Secure Browser is set to allow testing only during the testing window.
    • If the device date/time is not set correctly, the system will not allow the student to test.


REMINDER: Read and follow the Setup and Installation Guide.

  • The Nextera Setup & Installation Guide provides instructions on properly setting up your system and devices for successful student computer-based testing.
  • You can reference the Nextera Setup & Installation Guide