Best Practice: Reboot Testing Devices as A First Step for Troubleshooting

We have heard a few reports from schools this morning that a couple of students in the school have seen HTML code instead of the mathematical expression in the math question when testing on computer. When you find that only a couple of students are experiencing this issue, then the computer or iPad may need to be rebooted/refreshed.

All schools that reported this issue were able to correct the display by rebooting the testing device or moving the student to a new testing device. This issue tends to affect Chromebooks more than other testing devices.

The first step when a student encounters an issue when testing on computer is to try to reboot the testing device. Instruct the student to pause the test session, reboot the computer, and then have the Proctor assist the student with logging back into the test session with the Proctor PIN.

If rebooting does not correct the issue, then please contact Questar customer support: 

Contact Questar:
Phone: 866-997-0695

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