Preparation for Student PreID Data Pull(s)

As a reminder, the simulation is required of all schools planning to participate in operational computer-based testing (CBT). In order to most closely replicate operational testing, we are using actual student data for the simulation. Your school must meet the two requirements below for your school’s data to be included in the State Simulation Pre-ID Pull:

  1. Verify and confirm date of data pulled from data warehouse

Confirm with your RIC/Big 5 data coordinator the date for their specific data upload. Prior to this date, check with your district data coordinator that your school’s student level enrollment and demographic data have been sent to your Level 1 Regional Data Warehouse. If you have any questions on this requirement, contact your RIC/Big 5 data coordinator. If you are unsure who your designated Regional Information Center is, please refer to the CBT Support article: How do I contact my Regional Information Center (RIC) or Big 5 District Testing Department?


  1. Submit Request in the Online Request System

In order to have your student data pulled and preloaded into the Nextera Administration System for the simulation, your school’s request for operational CBT tests must be submitted in the online request system by this date. We will only pull data for those schools that have placed requests for operational CBT in the online request system. Data will be pulled for each school for each grade/content area that is requested for operational CBT.

Please refer to the Monthly Events Calendar for CBT for dates on students PreID data pulls for Simulation, Operational, and SAFT. The Office of State Assessment will be pulling data for all those schools that ordered CBT. Grade level data for those schools will be pulled from SIRs to be loaded into the Nextera Administration System, so that the data is available when the students, classes, and tests tabs open to the field.

If you do not see data for your school when the tabs open, contact your RIC/Big 5 for assistance.

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