How to Print Student Login Tickets

The purpose of this document is to provide school staff the necessary steps to print Student Login Tickets. Users that have access to the Tests tab in Nextera Admin (test coordinators, teachers, etc.) can print student login tickets for each class to prepare for simulation and operational testing.  An additional feature is the added option to print as a CSV file. A benefit to this option is the ability to sort, divide into smaller groups, and add additional fields before printing. 

Users will also be able to generate individual student login tickets in addition to the existing options. The individual login ticket will display one student per page on a PDF file if the Individual Test Ticket option is chosen. It will include student’s name (first, middle, and last name), student NYSSIS ID, password, test name, accommodation(s) assigned to the student for selected subject and a place for users to write the device name. Please see the Quick Reference Guide for additional information.

You can find complete information about test materials to have ready in each classroom on operational testing day, by visiting the CBT Support test materials in the testing room FAQ. 

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