How do we access Math practice tests in the Nextera Secure Browser?

The additional Math practice tests are now available for access in the Nextera Secure Browser. All practice test passwords are “practice” and the complete list of usernames is also available in Nextera Admin from the Help page. The username format is a standardized format: 

Math Grade Level Username Password
Grade 3 math03 practice
Grade 4 math04 practice
Grade 5 math05 practice
Grade 6 math06 practice
Grade 7 math07 practice
Grade 8 math08 practice

Upon logging into the Nextera Secure Browser, the user will see options to select from the three available practice tests for the grade level. The basic usernames and passwords are listed above, and there are also logins for accommodations, such as Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Reverse Contrast. The complete list, which includes logins for the practice tests with accommodations, is available in Nextera Admin and on CBT Support (download below). The usernames and passwords are not case-sensitive. 

Nextera Secure Browser

The additional practice tests can only be accessed from the Nextera Secure Browser, which requires the student testing device to have the Nextera Secure Browser installed and tested before the student can access the practice test. You can locate browser and Operating System specific downloads on the “Downloads” page under the Help tab from the banner toolbar in Nextera Admin.

The answer keys to the Math practice tests can be found in Resources on CBT Support, visit Practice Test Answer Keys article.