How do we access Math practice tests in the Nextera Secure Browser?

These usernames and passwords are the Secure Browser practice test logins that will be used for the Statewide CBT Simulations in February and March 2019.

Nextera Secure Browser

To access the Secure Browser practice tests, student testing devices must have the Nextera Secure Browser installed and tested before the student can access the practice test. The passwords remain the same ("practice"). The new username format for this year is the following (note the addition of the letter “g” in the username): 

subject + g + grade number + code for accommodation (if needed) 

Example: mathg03 / practice

See below for additional examples.

You can locate browser and Operating System specific downloads on the “Downloads” page under the Help tab from the banner toolbar in Nextera Admin.

The answer keys to the Math practice tests can be found in Resources on CBT Support, visit Practice Test Answer Keys article

The complete list, which includes logins for the practice tests with accommodations, TTS, and alternate languages, are available in Nextera Admin and on CBT Support (PDFs can be downloaded below). The usernames and passwords are not case-sensitive. 

Math Grade Level



Grade 3



Grade 4



Grade 5



Grade 6



Grade 7



Grade 8




Upon logging into the Nextera Secure Browser, the student will see options to select from three available practice tests for the grade level.  Student answers are not collected or saved from the Secure Browser Practice tests.

 The Secure Browser practice tests allow students to experience computer-based testing in the same environment they will use for operational CBT this spring. All students should be familiar with the Nextera Secure Browser online tools and navigation before sitting for the operational computer-based tests this spring.

You can find the Secure Browser practice test logins for ELA on CBT Support.

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