How do I update the District Test Coordinator in Nextera Admin?

If your district's DTC is not correct in Nextera Admin, then there is a two-step process you can take to update this information and provide Nextera Admin access to the correct DTC.

1) Update SEDREF for the DTC: In order to update the District Test Coordinator (DTC) or the School Test Coordinator (STC) for your district or school in Nextera Admin, test coordinator information must first be updated on SEDREF

2) Update Nextera Admin for the DTC: After SEDREF has the correct test coordinator information, you can contact CBT Support to request that a new account be created for the DTC in Nextera Admin. When setting up the new DTC account, a "Welcome to Nextera" email can be sent to the new DTC, providing Nextera Admin login credentials. 

You can find steps for making administrative position updates in SEDREF by visiting, How do I change the District Coordinator DTC for my district article on CBT Support.  

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