How does the testing accommodation "use of a scribe" work for computer-based tests?

While the requirement for CBT is that every student in the grade level must test on computer, there will always be instances where some students need to test on paper, such as for low incidence languages and Test Read by human reader, as well as for delivery of other IEP/504 plan testing accommodations. 

For scribing, the process we suggest is for a student to respond verbally to the test question to the scribe. According to already established scribing procedures, the scribe writes the response on paper and then confirms the response with the student prior to the scribe typing the response into the Nextera Test Delivery System constructed response boxes on screen. The student and scribe may want to review again the response as it is shown typed on the screen. 

The student should have one of the following testing accommodations selected (shown below) within Nextera Admin to ensure the student's test on-screen matches the print test the scribe will be using as reference: 

  • Read Aloud (by human)
  • Text-to-Speech (online only)


Always be sure that students and the other members of the CSE have reviewed this method by using the CBT practice tests. We want our students to be familiar with the method for delivering the testing accommodation on computer before taking the computer-based tests during the testing administration. Schools can locate practice test information in CBT Support in "Resources" or directly online at the following URL:

We recommend that a school and the CSE consider that delivery of a testing accommodation on computer should match the student's daily instruction experience.  

Handling Secure Materials

  • For computer-based testing (CBT), the student’s transcribed response is entered into the computer based test platform to submit. Schools should then store securely the paper dictation for one year with other student testing materials. 
  • For out-of-district placements (OODP) CBT, the student’s home school district should store securely the paper dictation for one year with other student testing materials. 

 All scribing procedures as noted in Appendix H of the School Administrator's Manual must be followed. 

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