What are the CBT options for my students that make use of the Test Read testing accommodations?

For students who make use of the Test Read student testing accommodation, there are two different delivery methods on computer for the spring test administration: 

  • The computer reads the test to the student who is testing on computer
  • A human reads the test to the student who is testing on computer 

Questar released an update to the Nextera Admin testing accommodations features to allow for selection of "Read Aloud (by human)" for students who will make use of a human reader while testing on computer. 

The following table shows the options for delivery of the Test Read student testing accommodation: 



Important: If a school that is administering a content area and grade by CBT, decides to administer the test read accommodation to its students by Test Read (paper only) or Read Aloud (by human), the school must request “Test Read” copies in the online examination request system. The Test Read paper copies are Form A of the ELA and Math exams.

The school may need to make an "Additional Materials Order" request to Questar in order to ensure they have print test copies on-hand for human readers when students are testing on computer. 

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